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Recovered Energy, Inc. (REI) was formed in 2002 as a manufacturer of oily water separators for the Marine Industry under the BOSS brand. Over the years REI has grown to be one of the top 3 suppliers of oily water separators in the world for the Marine and Offshore Industries.  REI provides a full range of oily water separators for the Marine and Offshore Industries, fully certified according to MEPC 107(49) with a wide range of options to fit any need.

In 2011, REI began to manufacture custom waste water treatment systems for Petrochemical Plants and other Industrial Facilities as well as systems for enhanced oil recovery and produced water in the Oil & Gas Industry.

In 2014, in response to solids issues in Offshore Drilling Platforms, REI worked with owners of the platforms to design, develop and manufacture a solid separator that could effectively remove solids making the oily water separators more effective.  The result was a compact, cost effective system that is in the process of revolutionizing the separation of solids for oil drilling platforms.    We call this system the SOLID BOSS.

REI soon discovered that the patent pending SOLID BOSS has applications for many industries and can play a significant role in the cost effective treatment of waste water over a broad spectrum.

Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative, complete and cost effective solutions.

FOCUS: We focus on solving the problems of what to do with process and other contaminated water streams with emphasis on re-use of that water whenever possible. The result is saving money and saving the environment.

DESIGN AND INNOVATION: More than just a design firm and a manufacturer, Recovered Energy is always searching for solutions that are better for our clients and better for the world we live in. Whether it is our engineers designing system to meet customer needs or partnering with other innovators. We find solutions.

MANUFACTURING: Manufacturing is an important part of our business. Besides great design we are committed to high quality standards in the fabrication of vessels and the assembly of systems that look good are well laid out and will last a long time.

CONTROLS: Solutions that work require control systems that are simple and easy to use. Our electrical and control engineers are expert in development of control systems that accomplish the purpose of the equipment and are easy for the operators to use.

SOLUTIONS: When it all comes down to it, it is all about providing solutions that are work. They have to solve the problem efficiently. They have to be easy and simple to use. They need to be quality produced. They have to be cost effective. This is why our customers love our systems.


… United States Coast Guard Performance Evaluation

July 28, 2016 Good performance by Federal contractors is essential. The Federal Acquisition Regulation requires all Federal agencies to collect past performance information on contracts. CPARS has been implemented to comply with this regulation and to ensure that source selection officials have a detailed evaluation of contractors’ past performance. We have performed an evaluation of […]

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Cape Hatteras

I’m a US Chief engineer and have been working for Tri-Marine going on 3 years. While working, 2011, on one of their vessels, the Cape Cod, I started working with one of your OWS units the BOSS 2.2T. Installed 2003. It was in need of service, wasn’t working properly. But once I cleaned it up, […]

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Thank you for the amazingly quick reply. Your customer service is obviously just as spectacular as your product. Please feel free to use what I wrote to suit your purposes. Your company has conferred an enormous blessing on marine engineers. This Boss unit has completely removed the OWS nightmare from my life. It pumps like […]

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Tom Houghton

I am an engineer on an Edison Chouest Offshore supply vessel, and we have one of your OWS units onboard … It gives me great pleasure to tell you that your BOSS OWS is one of the best things I have ever seen in my 20 years at sea. It is so much less trouble, […]

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Richard L. Pechacek.

I’m a Chief Engineer working onboard one of BeeMar/Bollinger OSVs. We use your oily water separators. I would just like to say how impressed I am with the performance and reliability of these machines. I’ve used many types of OWSs, and these are by-far the best in my opinion. I’ve gone thru Coast Guard %26 […]

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