Agricultural Soil Extraction System cuts water use

February 20, 2017 The process of washing and cleaning potatoes results in a lot of muddy water. The AG BOSS does the job. Removing the mud from the water in a way that allows it to be easily transported and cleaning the water so it can be reused. This is a huge a benefit to the fresh pack potato processors who otherwise previously had to pump the water to large settling ponds and then use labor intensive processes for this cleanup. With water resources becoming more precious all the time, the reuse of water is a huge advantage. Besides saving the company money, it also conserves our water, which is so important to the environment. Recovered Energy through the development and implementation of these BOSS Separator systems is please to be able to bring these benefits to its customers and to our environment. Innovative solutions for today’s water treatment problems are a big part of the vision at Recovered Energy, Inc.

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