Cape Hatteras

I’m a US Chief engineer and have been working for Tri-Marine going on 3 years. While working, 2011, on one of their vessels, the Cape Cod, I started working with one of your OWS units the BOSS 2.2T. Installed 2003. It was in need of service, wasn’t working properly. But once I cleaned it up, it way out performed all of the other units that we’ve been challenged with. Not to mention names.

I sent a e-mail to Thierry about your REI OWS and laid it on the line about Marine Oil Pollution and that most engineers were not doing the right job because the OWS’s did not work. I could never pump a ship’s bilge with them and the parts failed when trying continuous duty, along with being very expensive. It surprised me when several BOSS 5T’s arrived. I’ve installed 3 units on three boats.

I just had two USCG, IOPP inspections dropped on me a few weeks ago. And using the BOSS 5T, we passed the inspection with no problems. This kind of reliability is rare. The second IOPP inspection, I walked up to the unit, turned it on and it worked. With the other units, it would be a major overhaul to get them to work, if we had the parts, and a time line to make them work. If there is a oil spill accident, the USCG checks, and if the OWS does not work? There is fine line here. It becomes stressful to the engineer to be put under this pressure, especially when told to make it work, when it won’t. A lot of engineers are afraid of the units and do not use them for this fact. And only use them to pass IOPP inspections. Hey! The OWS is a bilge pump, ready to be used anytime. I know this tuna business very well having been a chief for almost 40 years. I can see where it needs critical help. We cannot burry our heads and look the other way, we must respond.

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