ISO 9001 Certification

April 1, 2016

Recovered Energy, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have just received our ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification. REI has always produced a quality product. Now we have put in place additional procedures to enhance our ability and commitment to continued quality. These processes will help us keep quality at the top of our priorities.

This certification will provide additional assurance to our customer base and further credibility and trust in our products.

Along with the ISO 9001, we are able now able to offer an MED Module B and Module D certifications for our European customers and those who need these certifications. This increases the marketability of our units in Europe and other areas of the world.

This certification also puts us in a better position to market to larger companies with larger projects not only in the marine sector , but also in the industrial, agricultural food processing, mining and oil & gas sectors since many of these companies require an ISO certification.

A lot of exciting things are happening at Recovered Energy right now and we expect to be making more announcements of additional products and certifications in the near future.
Recovered Energy is committed to continual improvement and innovation as we reach out to customers with our BOSS products that help our customers meet regulations and effectively solve problems.

Your BOSS Separator Management Team

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