BOSS OWS (Dual Phase)

BOSS DP (Dual Phase) Product Description One of the issues with Oil Water separators that has caused a lot of problems over time and continues to be a large issue is the solids that accumulate in the bilges/holding tanks. None of the IMO 107(49) certified Oil Water Separators can deal with solids. That is until […]

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Solids from the deck drains go to a holding tank. Occasionally drilling muds and other solids can get onto the deck and end up in the holding tanks. Oil water separators are not designed to handle solids. Every OWS on the market struggles with solids from the deck drains — particularly drilling platforms, but also […]

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Hazardous Area Systems

The BOSS OWS has been provided in a hazardous area unit for over 12 years. These options include Class I Div I (Zone 1) and Class I Div II (Zone 2). ATEX units are also available. REI engineers are hazardous area experts.

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The SAM can be used to process large volumes of storm water. It does not process the water like the SOLID BOSS will but it will monitor the water. When the oil content goes above 15 ppm the SAM closes the discharge valve and forces the water to the holding tank.

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Offshore platforms frequently have incidents where drilling mud gets on the deck and ends up in the holding tank. In addition platforms often have to deal with bad weather and can receive huge amounts of water in a short time.

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Solid Boss (Produced Water)

The Solid BOSS can effectively process produced water, flowback water, frac water or other types of water generated in by a production platform. The system will remove drilling muds, solids and oil. The oil will generally be clean enough to sell directly to the refinery.

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Standard Marine OWS

Since 2002 the BOSS Oily Water separator has grown to the 3rd largest selling OWS in the World. Fully IMO MEPC 107(49) certified systems in 5 different sizes to fit any ship. The BOSS emphasis is on simplicity. Simple installation, simple operation, simple maintenance and simply efficient. Click below for Document Downloads Downloads

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BOSS Oil Water Separator Yacht sized

Yacht Sized OWS

The BOSS line of OWS systems includes a unique OWS configuration that was designed specifically for use on a Yacht, but works on any small vessel. It features a smaller footprint and an optional white AWL Grip paint system.

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MINI-BOSS (for low volume)

Vessels smaller than 400 GT are not required to have a certified OWS, however many choose to be environmentally responsible. The Mini-BOSS is a great way to do that. Oil is removed by filtration only, but still monitored by a IMO 107(49) certified oil content meter.

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