SOLID BOSS (New Technology Solids Removal)

Solid BOSS for Solids & sludge removal from water or other liquids

The SOLID BOSS is a new revolutionary product to remove particulate and solids from water.  Other solids removal methods include filtration which is expensive and time consuming to change or systems that require back-washing. The SOLID BOSS can remove solids down to 25 micron in size “on the fly” without consumables and without any back-washing.These BOSS systems are available in three standard sizes with capacities from 25 gpm (5.6 m3/hr) to 210 gpm (47 m3/hr).  Custom systems can process more.  This NEW Technology does an amazing job of cleaning particulates from the carrier liquid (usually water, but not necessarily).Applications for this technology abound including pre-treatment in front of OWS systems, rig drainage, produced water, waste water clean-up and many others.

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