Offshore platforms frequently have incidents where drilling mud gets on the deck and ends up in the holding tank. In addition platforms often have to deal with bad weather and can receive huge amounts of water in a short time. In many situations platforms are not allowed to discharge this water without verifying that it is free from oil. The Solid BOSS can be configured to remove drillilng mud and other solids, remove the oil from the water and process the stormwater at a higher rate. The storm water can be processed through the system at a rate of 3 times the nominal flow (or more). The OCM monitors the discharge continuously in order to verify that the discharge is free from oil. If oil is not detected the water can safely go overboard. If oil is detected the system automatically switches back to going through the OWS. In this application the system should be on the front end of the holding tank and the system is designed to handle whatever the flow is.

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